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Holistic Nutrition Consulting: 2-Week Custom Plan
$300 ($150 x2)

Comprehensive lifestyle assessment appointment (2 hr)

2-week custom meal plan 

Lifestyle, natural supplementation, and psychospiritual recommendations  

Lifetime access to holistic nutrition handouts  

Weekly e-mail check ins 

Exclusive discounts on professional supplements 

Follow up appointment (1 hr) 

Available for an additional fee: grocery store tour & in-home meal-prep lesson

How can holistic nutrition help you?
fatigue and insomnia - low energy & lethargy
chronic headaches - sugar & junk food cravings
digestive upset - cholesterol management
nicotine & caffeine addiction - chronic inflammation - high stress
food sensitivities - weight management - prenatal preparation
endocrine & menopausal support - self-esteem
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